TRUCO Elastomeric Roof Coating

TruCo Flat-Roof Rubber Sealant Coatings

Hissom Roofing & Construction is a Certified TRUCO installer. Truco provides state-of-the-art solutions for the problems associated with aging Metal Roofs, TPO, & EPDM single-ply membranes, and other various types of commercial roofing. It’s a liquid-applied thermoplastic (SEBS) rubber roofing system formulated to provide you with a durable, leak-free and watertight vapor barrier. Below are … Read more

Tile Roofing Systems

tile roof shingles - tile roofing companies

You may be avoiding a clay tile roof system because they can cost two to three times as much as an asphalt roofing system. But, did you know they can last 4 times longer than asphalt shingles? Concrete tile roofs can be more economical, with costs at 30% to 50% lower than clay tiles per … Read more

Slate Roofing with Copper

slate roofing mixed with flat seam copper

If your looking for a roofing system that will outlive your children, and probably your grandchildren, it’s slate and copper. This combination of roofing materials is hard to beat. It’s why our ancestors used it hundreds of years ago. Both materials stand up well to the elements. Sometimes for hundreds of years. Here is an … Read more

LudoSlate – Peterka Home

LudoSlate Roof on the Peterka Home

LudoSlate Terra Cotta Roof Tiles LudoSlate is a beautiful and lightweight interlocking terra cotta tile roof replacement option. It features the texture and chiseled edges of natural slate. Also, you can install it in straight or staggered rows to give a more authentic slate roof look. Random width tiles are available in the LudoSlate Premier … Read more

Tile Roof – Carnegie Library

Rotunda Reroofing - Carnegie Library East Liverpool, Ohio

This is a photo of the tile roof installation on the rotunda of the Carnegie Library in East Liverpool. This was part of a Historic Restoration Project that we are proud to have been a part of.

Standing Seam Copper Roof

Hand Bent Standing Seam Copper - Historical Building Restoration

This photo is of another unusual roofing service you don’t see very often. A Hand Bent Standing Seam Copper Roof is being installed by Hissom Roofing & Construction as part of a Historical Building Restoration in East Liverpool Ohio.

Flat Seam Copper Roof

new hand made flat seam copper roof ohio

Here a Flat Seam Copper Roof is being created from scratch by hand. A new roof installation done in copper sheeting can easily last 100+ years. Initially, they are a little more expensive. But, compared to the 25 year life of traditional asphalt shingles, copper roofing is a bargain… if you can find a company … Read more

Flatlock Seam Copper Roofing

Flatlock Seam Copper Roofing - Wynn Home

Our copper roofing installers constructed this beautiful copper roofing solution all by hand. This type of roofing installation can last 100+ years. This Flatlock Seam Copper Roofing Job was done on the Wynn Home:

Copper Roof Gutters

Custom Copper Built in Gutter - Lou Holtz Museum in East Liverpool

Here is some custom copper roof gutter work on the Lou Holtz Hall of Fame building.