Historical Building Restorations

Historical Window Frames Re-created

Since 1960 Hissom Roofing & Construction LLC in East Liverpool, Ohio, has gotten considerable experience handling the re-creative processes of performing Historical Building Restorations. We’ve restored structures in our service area that have been around for 100+ years and longer. We have extensive experience with these types of General Contractor jobs. We go out of our way to hire expert craftsmen who possess the skills to make things the way they did in yesteryear.

Doing this type of work is very rewarding for us, and as such, has brought us many happy and satisfied customers. Our skill-sets are not confined to either interior or exterior building restoration projects. Rather, we can duplicate just about any kind of past construction techniques employed in the design and construction of your antique historical building.

We have impressive woodworking shop employees that can perform historical restorations and recreations on all types of old buildings. Old window frames that are oddly shaped, and elegant solid wood door restoration are a frequently requested specialty. If you are trying to rebuild and restore an old building or home, we can be an invaluable resource.

Older homes experience severe weather damage and UV light exposure over long periods of time. This can crack even the thickest coat of paint, and allow rain to settle in those cracks. The moisture will start to deteriorate or rot the wood underneath. Finding a historical building restorations company that can reproduce the ornamental wood carvings and various wood designs, is rare. Recreating the outside of a 100+-year-old house takes some unique talents. Hissom Roofing and Construction LLC does a lot more than install new roofing and repair leaky roofs.

Cracked Plaster Repair & Restoration

Historical Building Restorations - Plaster Repair
Plaster Repair Process

Anyone with an older building has undoubtedly experienced a settling foundation. This can be very hard on the woodwork as well as the wall and ceiling plaster. As the building settles, it will twist and pull the structure out of original shape. Something has to give. Since the plaster is the weakest part of the interior walls and ceiling, the end result is lightly fractured or cracked surfaces. Plaster repair is the only alternative to a complete tear-out.

In more severe cases, we may need to address the foundation problems before we’ll be able to fix the cracked plaster correctly. Our team of plaster restoration contractors will be able to inspect the damage and determine the primary cause. Once they have done that, they will be able to give you a more accurate estimation of time and cost to perform the work you need.

No matter the damage your plaster has suffered, we can fix it! From large missing chunks to minor cracks, your home interior renovation will be properly handled by our building restoration team.

Woodwork & Wood Door Restoration

Historical Building Restorations - Door Rebuilding
Historic Doorway Restoration

Properly restored woodwork is the crown jewel of your interior renovation and restoration project. When you have 100+-year-old workmanship to duplicate, it gets much harder to replace or restore interior woodworking. There just aren’t nearly as many historical building restoration companies that can duplicate this style of work anymore. Leaky roofs and leaky windows can really add to the interior damage you’re facing. If that is the case with your historic building, you may need a quote on fixing those problem areas also.

Normally, customers ask us to restore woodwork that either has many coats of aged paint or has been water damaged. In either case, it’s will be cheaper to strip the old paint or repair the damaged wood. It will also take less time than recreating the woodwork from scratch. Most old homes and buildings have real hardwoods that are very expensive today.

When it comes to restoring old doors, this is a specialty at Hissom. We have considerable experience restoring doors in any condition. Sometimes it is cheaper to just start over. Especially if a door has been subjected to water or has been exposed to some other form of unusual abuse. Whatever the case, we can rebuild your doors, bookcases, cabinets, stairs, hardwood floors. If there’s other woodwork in your home, we can make it look like new too.