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Wood Workshop Projects
Wood Workshop

The Hissom Wood Workshop is a custom woodworking and historic restoration portion of our general contractor business. We can perform both new woodworking projects and historic preservation of the woodwork in older buildings.

Just call us if you don’t see your project idea specifically mention here but, some of the woodwork projects we are most commonly asked to do are window restoration, door restoration, architectural woodwork restoration, and custom furniture/cabinetry.

It’s not uncommon to experience rotting wood or weather damaged woodwork in older or historic homes. Finding the right wood workshop who can recreate these ornate designs can be difficult. At Hissom Roofing & Construction we have been honing these skills for over 60 years. Your woodworking project is in good hands with us.


Oval Window Fabrication

Correct window restoration is vital to any historic building renovation. Their building profile and proportions are as essential to your structure’s original appearance. This also includes elements such as the cornice, siding, and trim which may also need restoration.

Although historic windows have sometimes been removed and replaced because of energy efficiency needs, our window conservation process can make old windows function nearly as efficiently as modern replacements. And, we can do this while retaining the look and authenticity of your original historic facade.

We offer comprehensive wood window restoration & conservation services. This includes paint removal, epoxy consolidation, frame repair, sash repair and conservation, sill repair, glazing and weather stripping.


Wooden Door Restoration Complete!
Wood Door Restorations

The front door is the first thing guests see when they enter your historic home or building, and if you wait too long to restore it, it may need to be completely recreated. And, that almost always costs more than restoring it.

Cracks in the wood and finish allow weather to creep in and damage your door. When the door’s finish fails, it’s like having an open wound. To save your beautiful door and entry unit, the restoration must be done properly. This will protect it for many more years to come.

Also, the condition of your front door speaks volumes about the upkeep of your entire home. Given the expense of a replacement door, a quality restoration job will protect the investment of your historic door for years to come. And, for much less than the cost of a completely new one.

We would love to show you just how affordable a quality finish can be. We’ll help with the color selection and recommend the right processes for your situation. We custom mix our colors to match any wood color you may have in your home. When we finish, it will be done right.


We provide wood refinishing and restoration. This service can include cleaning, conservation, wood finish analysis, touch up repairs, finish matching and refinishing of aged shellac, lacquer or varnish, wax and oil finishes. The rich luster and depth found in old wood finishes are an essential part of any historic interior.

Frequently, older wood finishes are stripped and replaced due to their cosmetic blemishes. By employing our careful cleaning and conservation techniques, we can eliminate those blemishes while maintaining the beauty of original finishes. This not only increases the authenticity of a restoration, but also increase property values significantly.

Our wood repairs and finish restoration can transform the appearance of your interior balustrades and wood panel systems. We’ll match old woods, and/or remove stains and scratches as well. Or, we can restore and repair architectural columns and capitals or other original but damaged woodwork.


Custom Bathroom Cabinetry

Although our wood workshop can recreate just about any woodworking within your home or historic building, we can also create some unique and beautiful custom furniture to fit odd or unfilled spaces. You pick the type of wood or we can match it to what you have now, and create some exciting designs.

Besides furniture, we also can create custom cabinetry to fill your bathrooms or kitchen with the storage capabilities you’ve been dreaming of. You will finally have the area you need to put towels within reach of your tub, or have that pantry you’ve been needing for years.

No matter what you have your heart set on, chances are we can build it. If there isn’t enough room for the cabinetry, shelves or furniture you have envisioned, we have a great team in our general contractor division that can make it a reality. Call us today. It’s the first step toward the home you’ve always wanted!