Certified TRUCO Sealant Installers

Certified TruCo Flat Roof Sealers in Ohio

Reserve some time in your schedule for our Ohio Certified TRUCO roofing installers when your roof needs sealing! If you’ve noticed a leak or are having issues with your gutters due to ice build up give us a call for great pricing on your roof repair!

Have an older metal roof that is still in decent shape, or a flat roof that’s getting old and may need replaced? Call for an estimate of our TruCo roofing sealant products today! It’ll add 10 or more years to the life of your existing roof. Great for both Commercial and Residential roofs. Give us a call in East Liverpool, Ohio, or stop in to find out more about TruCo today!!

Did you know few roof companies are certified to install TruCo Roof Systems in Ohio?! We are the only company in our area that is certified in the TruCo system. This is an opportunity to add life to your old rubber roof or old metal roof! If you’re interested in more money saving information on either of these superior roof products, please contact our office at: (330) 386-4796 and ask for Mark Hissom, Joseph Hissom, or Joshua Hissom.

The TRUCO Roof Coatings are best used for:

  • Flat Roof Leaks
  • Commercial Roof Rust Repair
  • Acrylic Roof Coatings
  • Elastomeric Roof Coatings
  • Liquid Rubber Coatings (Roof Restorations)
  • Modified Bitumen Coatings
  • Cool Roofing Systems
  • Aesthetics Sidewall Coatings