Door Restoration | Carnegie Library

Damaged Door Restoration – Stage 1

The first steps to saving and restoring a door are to remove all door hardware and glass. Next, we repair the dry rot and UV damaged wood and then strip it of its original varnish finishing coat:

A historic wood door restoration.
First step of historic wood door restoration

In the second stage we seal and stain the wood.

To preserve these classic wood doors they had to be treated with a sealant and then stained to bring back their original wood tones and finish:

wood door is restored to its original color and tone
A historic wood door is restored to its original color and tone

In the third stage the restored door gets either refinished or new hardware.

The final coats of stain and varnish are applied in the third step of the restoration and re-sanded if necessary to bring out a premium quality finish to a piece of National history.

Historical Door Restoration Final Steps
A Historical Door Restoration Final Steps

The “After View” of this door restoration shows the true value and craftsmanship.

Finally, we get to see the finished door restoration completed! A true masterpiece or past workmanship and present day wood restoration expertise.

finished door restoration completed
The fully restored door mounted back on the Carnegie Library in East Liverpool, OH.