Restore Wood Door | Carpenter Near Me

Restoring a wood door is harder than you might think unless you’ve got some experience at this type of work. Like most other antique objects, they are easily ruined in the wrong hands.

If you’re in the Steubenville, Youngstown, Ohio or Pittsburgh PA area and you’d like some professional help with your building restoration project, please call. We would love the chance to assist you in preserving our Nation’s Historical Buildings. Our prices are reasonable and our craftsmanship is first class.

Pictured below is a “Restore Wood Door” project we were hired for at the Carnegie Library in ELO.

Restore Wood Door project with water damage and dried out unglued joints

Our Wood Door Restoration – Stage 2

Here Mark Hissom begins the tedious process of rebuilding of the door so that as few pieces as possible of the original door will need to be replaced. This helps to preserve the originality and historic authenticity of the wood door.

Rebuild, re-glue, then prepare to refinish

New Finish on the Restored Wood Door

The final stage of our restore wood door project is the wood finish. A proper color match with the rest of the woodwork is preferred and sometimes requires a hand-mixed combination of stains but, this turned out perfect!

Beautifully Stained and Sanded to Silky Smooth Perfection!

Restoring a Wood Door Finale

As you can see below, the door restoration project turned out super good. If you’re looking for window and door repair near me, give Hissom Roofing and Construction a call today!